The idea for this film festival emanated from the dire need for a wider space to present debut impromtu speech topics films by many new filmmakers from the region and beyond. Therefore The international “KineNova Skopje Film Fest” festival include activities such as promotion, direct lab report writing services in australia essay club support for the new filmmakers, incentives, exchange of experiences, and film awards. It is a venue for new filmmakers to showcase new stories and offer a fresh perspective of humanity and the world we live in. The festival and the city of Skopje has the honor to be the meeting point for new filmmakers and a springboard for their respective career paths.

  • ● To reaffirm and support filmmaking in Macedonia To connect Macedonian cinematography with other world cinemas and to establish contacts and strong relationships, especially those with similar, smaller hard pushing path of major world markets and festivals and thus enable networking between them.
  • ● To provide new filmmakers the opportunity to present and promote their debut works to a wide audience and experts.
  • ● To discover new filmmakers by providing a space where they will represent and develop chiefessays.net their projects with script doctors and producers.
  • ● To support regional and European cinemas and to encourage greater support for lab report writing services in australia essay club authors who are just beginning to start their path in the film industry.
  • ● The festival will especially support those authors who have bold and engaged relationship in access and choice of subjects and that actualize issues beneath the surface of everyday life.