The main jury of the fourth edition of the International Film Festival KineNova Skopje 2019 (October 4-13) – Vitaly Manski (Russia) president, Yeşim Ustaoğlu (Turkey), Anna Hoffmann (Germany) – would like to thank the KineNova film festival for presenting an unusually strong selection of films that are both highly cinematic and dedicated to humanistic values.

The Jury decided to give the main award, Best Film of the International Competition to the film Lovemobil by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss.

The award for Best Director went to Babis Makridis for his work on Pity.

The film The Man Who Surprised Everyone by the Russian screenwriting and directing duo, Aleksey Chupov and Natasha Merkulova, won the Best Screenplay award.

The Jury also decided to give one special award for Best Acting to the actress Snežana Bogdanović for her main role in the film Stitches.

This is what jury member Anna Hoffmann said during the award ceremony:

[Regarding Snežana Bogdanović] “Making a film is teamwork. Many people contribute to the vision of the director. With this special mention we want to honor an actress whose sensitive, fine and subtle interpretation of the main character is crucial for the emotional impact of the film.”

[Regarding The Man Who Surprised Everyone] “The story told in this film is at the same time realistic, magical and surprising. To tell it in such a believable and unusual way is possible thanks to the meticulously developed script.”

[Regarding Pity] Comedy is a difficult genre. In this “black comedy” about the human existence the filmmaker proves great talent for the absurd, a great sense of timing, dialogue and music. For this masterfully directing the award goes to to Babis Makridis.”

[Regarding Lovemobil] “The director shows a world that we normally wouldn’t see. She tells us about violence, about fear, about hardship, friendship, the search for a better life. We were fascinated by the closeness and cooperation between filmmakers and protagonists, that made us forget to ask ourselves, if we watch a documentary or a fiction film.”


The Jury of the Short Film Competition – Dimo Popov (Macedonia), president, Ujkan Hysaj (Kosovo), Ivan Ivanovski (Macedonia) – who had watched more than 30 short films, stated that the films they decided to award inevitably stood out from the rest.

Best International Short Film award went to The Captain by Steve Bache – a powerful drama built on the relationship between a father and a son. Growing up under the influence of a successful father as a role model might be a burden to the young and fragile soul. A combination of organic acting with a documentary camera which successfully visualizes the troubled world of the young boy.

The film Gottlieb by Krste Gospodinovski won the Best Macedonian Short Film award. His other film, Snakelet which was also the opening film of the festival, got a special mention as well. The jury remarked that both of the films were made in an unique way. Through the process of rotoscoping, they transformed the reality to animation to show us the reality we aren’t aware of!

Another special mention was given to the film My Sister by Saverio Cappiello for its balanced narrative and aesthetic approach and for very organic storytelling, ambient light, and acting with hidden motives that describes the strong emotional bond between sister and brother.


KineNova’s 2019 special award for Lifetime Achievement went to the great Tanja Bošković.