“SAND ANIMATION” – film workshop with the purpose of the betterment sample informative speech of the creative skills of children with special needs

09.10.2018 – 10.10.2018   /   10:00 – 15:00
Youth Office, Municipality of Centar

Workshop Tutors: Zharko Ivanov and Vladimir Lukas



This workshop will be held during the International Film Festival Kinenova Skopje 2018. We as organizers of the festival, together with the municipality of Centar, having the intention to bring the seventh art closer to all the layers of citizens and to use and emphasize the big inclusive power that is prevalent in the same, as well as the power to act in a way of progressing the creative skills, we provide this workshop with a special focus to the children with special needs and who are in need of special attention from society and institution. To read more about this click here. In that regard we turn to the part or format in film art that is probably the most interesting to children, and for a huge part of adults as well, and that is animation or the animated film. This is actually a format which crosses, transcends all limits and which allows for every imagination to be realized, all the imaginary or impossible things in the real world or those that in live action, as well as reality cannot possibly happen. In that way we create an environment where these kids can directly show and develop their talent and creative skills that not so rearly surpass the limits of averageness. In that way we would like to symbolically accentuate the unlimited power of the children’s imagination, creativity, but also their intellectual and spiritual power no matter the physical limits.

At the workshop these children will first be shown a few short animated films or a few minute scenes, from Macedonian or foreign productions. Then, the mentor will present details or working drawings as one of the phases that was in the preparation of his animated film, so that in the end he can screen the same film and the certain details that seep into animation or animated movies.

The purpose is that the children can above all else inform themselves and understand the technique of creating this type of film, but also the process of preparation itself which is essential, and yet especially interesting.

Their next activity will be the practical work with the kids in the area of creating an animated film. Accent will be placed on the sand animation and the method of animating in sand, photographing every movement, till the very edit of the whole video. As a baseline, a children’s musical number will be used for which the animated video could serve as a music video.

With that we have every intention to draw these kids to feel the film magic, but to also develop their creative skills thorugh this technique.




Film workshop for raising awareness of the harmful consequences of violent behaviour towards children thorugh the production of a short film on the subject

A partner project of KINENOVA and UNICEF

25.09.2018 – 05.11.2018

Conference Hall, Hotel Dolce

Workshop Tutor: Marija Dzidzeva


“Thank you ‘Kinenova’ for the opportunity to become a mentor of a film workshop for children, that is in collaboration with the Office of UNICEF in Macedonia. It is a huge challenge to be a part of this project that should give its contribution in a way that can help the reduction and dealings with violence against children. The idea of the workshop is very inspiring – in the first part, through a little film education, the kids will receive some basic knowledge of film and film language which will allow them an opening to have a different angle on perceiving the main theme of the workshop. That would motivate them to think and create their own short stories based on a basic concept – what kind of people do we want to be, and afterwards in the second part, they can learn how to translate their ideas in film language and to steer them into a script which, together with film professionals they will shoot and edit in order to make a live action short film.”

“I am so happy that I will be working with children. Honestly, I believe that their film will make room in us the adults to think about how we can help each other when we are dealing with violence. I believe in the children’s world and in their perception and feelings of life and I know that we can learn a great deal from their ‘little’ film.”


Marija Dzidzeva