FEMME by Sam Freeman and Ng Choon Ping

United Kingdom/2023/99’

With his performances as Aphrodite Banks, Jules has a place among London’s celebrated drag artists. One night after a show, he steps out to get some cigarettes and is brutally attacked by a guy out with a gang of blokes. Although Jules is able to recover physically, he withdraws from the outside world, traumatized. Months later, he recognizes his attacker by chance in a gay sauna. Without make-up and wrapped only in a towel, Jules is able to approach the other man incognito and find out who he is. 

Directors: Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping

Screenplay:  Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping

Cast: George MacKay, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Sam U.Freeman has worked extensively as a screenwriter for television. His first original series, Unmasked, was acquired by Disney. Femme is his debut feature film as a director.

Filmography – 2021 Femme; short film, co-director: Ng Choon Ping 2023 Femme; co-director: Ng Choon Ping

Ng Choon Ping has already won a number of prestigious awards for his theatre work, which includes plays at the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Young Vic in the UK. He most recently directed a new adaptation of Strindberg’s “Miss Julie” at the Hong Kong Arts Festival and “Macbeth” at the Bristol Old Vic. Femme is his debut feature as a film director.

Filmography – 2021 Femme; short film, co-director: Sam H. Freeman 2023 Femme; co-director: Sam H. Freeman

Festivals and awards

  • Berlin Film Festival 2023/Competition in Panorama section, world premiere, nominated for Best Feature Film Teddy Award
  • Fantasia International Film Festival/ Montreal, Quebec Best director, Best performance
  • Edinburg Film Festival
  • Sarajevo Film festival