KineNova International Film Festival

KineNova Short Film Script Development Workshop

Following the great success of the Short Film Script Development Workshop that was held during the first KineNova International Film Festival in 2016 to promote and encourage the next generation of screenwriters, the organizers are pleased to announce that submissions are now open for a second workshop.

Keeping in with the spirit and aims of the film festival, the organizers welcome submissions from those who are relatively inexperienced in script writing and who would like to benefit from participating in a three-day script development workshop that will cover the fundamentals of script writing and story development. Sessions will consist of presentations, group work, and one-on-one tutorials.

At the end of the workshop the FX3X Film Production Company will award a prize for the best script. Worth 3000 Euros, the prize will consist of the use of film equipment necessary to realize the script into a short film.

  • The workshop welcomes applications from Macedonian screenwriters or students who would like to pursue a future career in script writing for television or film
  • 6 projects will be selected and the deadline for submissions is 18 September
  • Results will be posted online a week later
  • On acceptance on the program successful applicants will be expected to confirm their place on the workshop by 10 September
  • Accommodation and food vouchers will be provided and participants will be greeted on their arrival in Skopje. (Please note, however, travel costs to and from the festival are not included)
  • The workshop will take place in English

Submission Requirements

To apply for a place on the workshop please include the following in English:

  • a letter of intent detailing the motivation behind the writing of the script, any previous experience the applicant may have had of scriptwriting, and in which way he or she believes they might benefit from participation on the program, i.e., script problems and needs of the script, expectations etc
  • a one sentence premise statement and the genre(s) of the script with a one-page synopsis
  • a step-outline of the scenes (i.e., a brief breakdown of the scenes with a short description of what happens in each)
  • a copy of the script (up to 15 pages in proper script format) which may be either for animation or fiction
  • a short C.V. of the writer as well as proposed director and/or producer (Please note this is an essential requirement of the applicant’s submission)

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance onto the program will depend on the following criteria:

  • the applicant's motivation for wishing to participate on the program
  • the degree to which the applicant has previous experience of script writing
  • the overall quality and promise of the material submitted for the application

Conditions of Participation

  • participants will be expected to attend all training sessions and tutorials as well as to work on their projects during the duration of the workshop
  • participants will have read and be prepared to discuss the scripts of the other participants in the group workshop sessions


It has come to our attention that due to technical issues not all of the participant applications to the email address of j.r.d.stephens@gmail.com have been received by us.If you have previously applied for this year’s workshop, please send us your submission again to the new email address of john.r.d.stephens.gmail.com given below.
Please note too that the deadline for application to the workshop has been extended to 18 September. Results will be announced a week later.

Applicants wishing to apply for the workshop should send the submission requirements in a Word or PDF file to [ john.r.d.stephens@gmail.com ] by 18 September.

NB: Submissions should be in two separate files: one for the script and the other for the additional criteria.

John Stephens, Biography

John Stephens is a screenwriter and script editor, and has script consulted and script doctored on various projects. He has run many workshops in script development and story theory.

He is also a mentor on script development and pitching on the Pitching Lab at the Drama International Short Film Festival.

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