Short Film Program

 Локација: Кафе Котур / Location: Kotur Café



  05.10.2019     18:00 – 20:00 Минутажа    06.10.2019     17:00 – 19:40 Минутажа
The land Over There by Arne Kohlweyer, Germany       16′ Matilde’s First Day  by  Rosario Capozzolo, Italy        9′
The Wind phone by Kristen Gerweck, USA       16′ Simelibarg by  Seraina Scherini   , Switzerlnd       14′
Second Skin by Ismet Ergun, Kerem Ergun, Germany       10′ My Sister by Saverio Cappiello, Italy       15′
The Visitor by Jutin Olstein, Australia       10′ Bashkimi United by Lasse Linder, Switzerland       10′
Sports Day by Lin Tu, China       11′ Take Care by Itamar Giladi, USA       24′
Red Hands by Francesco Filippi, Italy       30′ Maja by Marijana Jankovic, Denmark       21′
Terror by Yonatan Shehoah, Israel       16′ The Pastor’s Women by Oana Tenter, Romania/United Kingdom       26′
Samoreaai by Sven Peetoom, Netherlands        9′ The Rules by Lera Ogourtsova, Spain       20′
Fifth Floor On The Left by Renata Lucic, Croatia       15′
  07.10.2019     17:00 – 19:40 Минутажа
The Captain by Steve Bache, Germany        14′
The Afganistans by Adrian Silisteanu, Romania        17′
Flowers by Baptiste Petit-Gats, France        19′
Quiet Land Good People by Johannes Bachmann, Switzerland        25′
I do Not Believe In You But Then There is Gravity by Umut Subasi, Turkey        13′
Dare Not Fly by Chuyi Chen, Taiwan        18′
The Coin by Tomislav Baricevic, Australia        15′
The Forrest Full Of Rabbits by Nikolai Knackmuss, Algeria, Germany        18′
Being by John Graham, Canada        6′
Merv Nickleman Beneath The Lyrics by Aleksandra Dimoska, Ireland        5′
Xiang Jun by Zhou Songkai, China        3′


  08.10.2019     17:00 – 19:00 Минутажа